Fix & Flip for the Retail Buyer

Fix & flip real estate investment has been a popular strategy throughout the period from the crash in 2007 right through the present. This has been primarily due to the availability of bargains, mostly foreclosures in need of rehab and repair before sale. However, the majority of fix & flip investors have been selling mostly […]

Transactional Funding Is Alive and Well

The average consumer may not have ever really thought about transactional lending or even what it is. When it comes to financing real estate, most activity and interest is focused on regular mortgages and their interest rates. However, investors have very different requirements, especially when they’re engaged in fix and flip or wholesaling. So, what […]

Apartment Boom Bodes Well for Real Estate Investors

The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) and the National Apartment Association (NAA) commissioned research to look into dollars and jobs generated by apartment construction, operations and resident spending. The apartment industry and its 36 million residents contributed $ 1.3 trillion and 12.3 million jobs to the economy in 2013. Based on research by economist Stephen […]

Foreclosures — From a Flood to a Dribble

It’s been an exciting seven or eight years for real estate investors. The flood of foreclosures that began in late 2006 raged for a couple to three years, then began to subside. All through this time, investors were snapping up properties, doing fix & flip, and turning homes into rentals for long term investment. In […]