Self Defense for Your Next Home Purchase

I’ll start by saying that the tactics I’m suggesting in this article are definitely not for every future home buyer. However, the few who use them properly will emerge with instant equity and solid protection against reasonable market fluctuations to the downside. It’s now eight years after the housing and mortgage crash that began in […]

Challenges to the American Dream

Our grandparents and the baby boomer generation have enjoyed the American Dream of homeownership, and they’ve by and large been rewarded with increasing values and the forced savings of mortgage payments. That’s at least until 2007 or so. However, even then, if homes were owned for a number of years prior, they’re now seeing some […]

Millennials, Jobs and Home Buying

The great thing about the Internet is that there are so many ways to seek out information and research trends and the news. The problem with it is that it’s easy and free to publish information, which tends to fragment information into lots of smaller bites. This is especially true with SEO, Search Engine Optimization, […]

Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #279 – What are you afraid of?

Could something so seemingly unrelated to real estate like FEAR be holding you back from the life you deserve? This week, Dean shares an exercise that’ll hel… The Only enhancement drug you need is already inside of you.. Watch this weekly wisdom and discover what breaking the 4 minute mile has to do with […]