Real Estate #1 Choice for Investment

According to a survey from, Americans’ number one choice for investing is real estate. Though they’re overall still concerned about jobs and the economy, the survey respondents mostly feel good about their personal finances. There is a ton of information in this survey. It’s not all about real estate as an investment, but more […]

5 Reasons to Sell Your Home Now

Every day more homeowners exit “underwater” status, owing more on their mortgage than their home is worth. Others have owned long enough to have kept some equity through the crash and partial recovery. However, many are sitting on the sidelines waiting for more market price improvement, or they simply do not want to buy another […]

Rent vs Buy Isn’t Just About Cost

There is no shortage of coverage in the media and on the Internet about the decision to either rent a home or buy one. Most of this coverage is centered on the relative costs of owning versus renting. With rental demand rising, supply-demand factors take over and rents rise as well. As it becomes more […]

Fix and Flip Offers, Offers, Offers

As Seen On LinkedIn In real estate investing, there are two strategies that are geared toward short term profits and fast turns. Wholesaling and fix & flip are those strategies; and particularly wholesaling can create the need to keep a lot of deals in progress to fill the profit funnel. One strategy used to fill […]

What a Difference a Decade Makes

Coldwell Banker is a major player in the real estate market, and they’ve just published results from a study of changes in buyer and seller attitudes and activities over the past ten years. They looked at their client and customer behaviors, as well as how marketing of real estate has changed. It’s no surprise that […]

Real Estate Research and the Internet

I write a lot for investors, but this information is of value to consumers as well. Where can you find the best real estate information for your specific needs? Sure, we’re all familiar with the big sites like,, and others. The one thing we have no shortage of is online real estate […]

Rental Investing – Two Variables with One Goal

Rental property investing has been a wonderful path to wealth and a comfortable retirement for many. Thousands of websites, tens of thousands of books, seminars and courses are focused on how real estate investment can be the path to wealth for the average American. I’m a real estate investor, and it’s been very good to […]

Buying a Home? Know Hard Costs Going In

Surveys of potential home buyers, particularly first time buyers, are telling us that many could use a little more knowledge about two of the largest costs of ownership. Everyone needs a mortgage and insurance is necessary as well. Your lender will require that insurance premiums be escrowed in advance to be certain that the money […]