About Dean Graziosi

Dean GraziosiDean Graziosi is an entrepreneur, successful real estate investor, author, speaker and teacher. His list of successful ventures began at the age of 16 when he began making money buying and reselling cars. He took the same concepts that enabled him to succeed with automobiles, to start his real estate investing career at the early age of 18. His first purchase was a run-down apartment building that he renovated into a profitable piece of property. It was from that humble beginning that Dean Graziosi has built his existing real estate portfolio.

Dean Graziosi wanted to take the success he had achieved to the next level by teaching others to do the same things he had done. In 1998, Dean Graziosi wrote and produced his first infomercial selling a program on how to earn money buying and selling cars, titled “Motor Millions.” Motor Millions went on to generate tens of millions of dollars while helping people all over America make money with cars.

In 2003, Dean Graziosi formed Dean Enterprises, LLC as the creation and production company for his infomercials. Dean Enterprises exclusively produces all of Dean Graziosi’s Infomercials and has branched out in creating other successful commercials for clients’ on a national scale. Dean Graziosi went on to pursue his vision of teaching people how to make money with real estate as well. Dean Graziosi created a new infomercial and course called “Think A Little Different.” In this program, Dean Graziosi shares his secrets to real estate profits, from a variety of unique strategies he learned through his 20 years of real estate investing. That show first aired in March of 2004.

In May of 2006 Dean Graziosi self published and released his first book “Totally Fulfilled,” which hit the NY Times best-seller list. It explains Dean Graziosi’s unique “core” approach to optimal results, success and fulfillment in all areas of life. Dean Graziosi’s second book “Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today,” published by Vanguard Press was the fastest selling real estate book of 2007 and 2008 and made the bestseller lists of the NY TIMES, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and Amazon.com.

In January 2009, Dean Graziosi’s third release, “Profit From Real Estate Right Now” a step-by-step guide that will walk even a novice through their first profitable investment, was an immediate hit. Within weeks “Profit From Real Estate Right Now” surpassed sales of his previous bestseller, to become the #1 best selling real estate book in America.

Dean Graziosi is still a thriving and successful investor, with real estate holdings valued in the multi-millions. The Dean Graziosi’ companies exist to provide people with information and capabilities to turn their personal and financial dreams into a reality. In 2009 the Dean Graziosi brand will generate over 60 million in sales. His investor website www.deangraziosi.com is visited by thousands each day.

Dean Graziosi has a true passion to give back and help those in need. Dean Graziosi donates a percentage of all book sales to Richard Branson’s charity, “Virgin Unite” on a monthly basis. Also, Dean Graziosi is co-founder of The Centurion Mastermind Group that in the past few years alone has raised and donated $1 Million Dollars that was donated to Virgin Unite.

Dean Graziosi also has a true respect for the elderly. Recently he sought out a non-profit organization that helps in making dreams a reality for elderly people in need.

A few recent dreams granted by Dean Enterprises LLC:

An elderly woman who wanted a party so she could dance again after many years of being unable to do so. *The Dean Enterprises donation will allow Forever Young to throw a party for her.

A 102 year old lady who wants to visit Niagara Falls. * The Dean Enterprises donation will pay for the trip expenses.

A homebound woman who has had both legs amputated needed a new roof. Water leaks had gotten so bad they were beginning to damage her walls. * The Dean Enterprises donation will pay for the new roof to be installed.

A woman who needs a handicap shower installed because she cannot get into the bathtub. * The Dean Enterprises donation will completely pay for the shower and installation.

Dean Graziosi also founded “Operation Free Home,” a program that provides people in need with a home to live in, free for one year, to help them get back on their feet.

His passion to help the “average Joe” find financial freedom with real estate is equaled only by his ongoing commitment to make a difference by helping people in non real estate related areas.

Dean Graziosi currently lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona with his family.