Brainstorming in Maui

I am getting better with posting and promise to keep it up. I just got back yesterday from an 8 day trip to HawaiiMaui actually where I had the chance to have fun and brainstorm with an amazing group of people. Not just on real estate but on many entrepreneurial topics.

In Maui I spent several days with Joe Polish a really good friend of mine who owns Piranha Marketing. He is a brilliant marketer and if you have a small business you want to take to the next level with unique strategies most of the world does not know, he is your guy. He is holding a super conference in November where I will be speaking at; along with people like Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines and many others. Look him up if you are interested. I also brainstormed with Bill Phillips; author of :Body For Life: and “Eat For Life” and his soon to be released book “Transformation”. Bill hands down is responsible for transforming more lives in the fitness arena then anyone alive. He is the real deal!! Joe Sugarman; who gave us the blue blocker sunglasses, and is probably one, if not the greatest copywriters of all time. Tim Ferris the author of “The 4 Hour Work Week” which is a screaming NY Times Best seller. Cameron Johnson; who is the author of “You Call The Shots” and America’s leading young Entrepreneur. He made his first Million dollars BEFORE graduating high school. Plus some other great thinkers like Dan Kuschell and Gale Kingsbury who runs and organizes all of T. Harv Eckers events.

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