Creativity – a Major Tool in Real Estate Investing


Many people think that investing in real estate takes a lot of money, a lot of knowledge, and a lot of work. But the truth is that anyone can be a real estate investor in any way. True, there are times when you may feel frustrated, upset, and like nothing is working. You may feel like finding good real estate deals in your area is virtually impossible, especially in the current market. People may even discourage you from your goal to buy and sell houses. These frustrations may be so insurmountable, that you may even give up hope and decide not to go into real estate investing now. You could easily fall into “this is not the time to invest in real estate” rut.


After all the only thing you hear on the news, is how bad the economy is, how investing in anything at this point is useless, and especially in real estate. This news plus your own insecurities may make the idea of buying and selling houses seem impossible, and you may actually begin to believe that it is a terrible time to start thinking about investing. But Dean Graziosi, and other successful real estate investors believe that now, or any time is the time to invest in real estate, and you don’t have to have a lot of money to start. You don’t have to have the perfect situation at all. In fact, it is highly unlikely that the perfect timing ever comes.


Lets take the case of a very successful investor in California. This guy decided to go into real estate investing. He didn’t have much money, and so decided to buy mobile homes, refit them and finance them to people that needed homes. He just had a slight problem. All the mobile homes in his area were over priced. This was quite a challenge and one that a number of real estate investors have to face.


He decided to look in an area almost 400 miles away, and to make a long story short was quite successful, but what makes this mans case even more interesting is, “He is blind.” The man wanted to invest in mobile homes 400 miles away, not look at them, even if he did look at them, he couldn’t see them, buy and sell these houses, and make a profit.


Today he is successful, even if he is blind, even if he does buy and sell houses five hundred miles away from where he lives. If this man found a solution to his insurmountable problems (he cant see, what could be worse for a real estate investor), why shouldn’t any of us be able to do the same. He just thought about the problem and came up with creative solutions.


Dean Graziosi knows that not everyone will have the same solution, and not everyone will have the same real estate investing problem, but everyone has a brain and is creative and if  a person takes the time to find a way, he will get results.

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