Dean Graziosi Before and Now

Dean Graziosi

Best-selling author and infomercial guru, Dean Graziozi, has lived both sides of the money spectrum. Growing up in a single-parent home, Dean watched his mother work two jobs to try to make ends meet. He endured teasing from his peers because of his hand me down clothes and trailer park neighborhood.

Like most self-made people, Dean used this experience to spur himself on to greater heights. At the young age of 16, Dean made some money after renovating a car and selling it for a profit. This experience would later become the basis for his highly successful program, “Motor Millions”. Through this program, Dean helped people across America make money with cars.

The success of “Motor Millions” encouraged Dean to produce a real estate investing program, “Think a Little Different”. This program is based on Dean’s 20 years of experience as a real estate investor, which started when an 18-year-old Graziosi purchased a renovated a run-down apartment building. Using his own strategies, Dean went on to make millions of dollars as a real estate investor. This unique program, based on proven, practice techniques, gives him the opportunity to help others achieve similar success.

Dean released his first book, New York Times Best Seller, “Totally Fulfilled” in 2006. In this book, Graziosi shares his strategies for attaining success and fulfillment in life. This was soon followed by “Be a Real Estate Millionaire” in 2007. In addition to writing and managing his companies, Dean is also a consultant to top professionals throughout the country.

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