Dean Graziosi’s Interview by Dan Kushcel Part III

An interview of Dean Graziosi about Real Estate Investment

Dan Kuschell: I know that Healthy Wealthy nWise believes strongly in the power of intention to manifest outcomes. It’s been an honor and privilege to spend this time with you. I learn something new from you every time, and I’m sure it’s been a wealth of knowledge for the people with us.

For you, what is your current, most important project that you’re working on, and what intention would you like everyone at Healthy Wealthy nWise to hold for you?

Dean Graziosi: I was contacted by a gentleman named Darrell Scott. His daughter was the first girl killed in the Columbine shooting here in the States. She was an incredible girl with a great vision, who lived some of the similar that you, Chris, Healthy Wealthy nWise and I teach—she was living a life with purpose at 17, when she was struck down and killed.

Her father, Darrell Scott, took her message and has already spoken to five million kids. This year is going to be his biggest year ever. He met with President Bush last week, hw was with President Clinton the week before, he’s going to be on Oprah next week—he’s just on a mission.

He read my book, he said it re-inspired him and touched his life. He knows his daughter would have loved this book. Right now, he’s taking Totally Fulfilled and making it part of next year’s curriculum. I’m going to jump in head first with him, not for any monetary gain; just to help.

If I can be a small part of helping a generation know, early in life, that it’s cool to be kind to other people and it’s cool to learn success principles at a young age, that would be the biggest thing I could ever do in my life. I realize why Motor Millions happened, why my real estate show happened and why I wrote this book, why I met you, Chris and so many other incredible people.

It’s because I’m hoping to be part of changing a generation to know that it’s okay to be successful. It’s cool to be a kind, generous and giving person. If I can accomplish that, and if everybody could wish that for me, that would be the greatest thing in the world.

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