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Dean Graziosi is a renowned author on cars and real estate. He is a self-made person, a great motivator and an immensely successful real estate investment expert. In 1998, he wrote and produced his first infomercial titled “Motor Millions that competently teaches first time investors how to make money with cars. This easy to learn and use guide generated tens of millions of dollars while helping investors across USA make money with cars. His success with Motor Millions encouraged him to pursue his vision of teaching novice investors in real estate to make fortune as well. He authored “Think a Little Different” a guide to building personal wealth through real estate. With the help of this book, many new investors have made a lucrative career in real estate investing.

In May, 2006, Dean published and released his first New York Times Best Seller, Totally Fulfilled, which explains his reliable methods to obtain optimal results, success, and fulfillment in all areas of life. Mr. Graziosi has also authored another real estate book “Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today”. This book too has already appeared on the best-seller lists of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal,, and USA Today. In this book, Dean has revealed all his unique strategies that he gained from his more than 20 years of experience. His sincere wish to help people achieve their dreams made him write this book. There is no hype in this real estate book. It contains all innovative methods and techniques which one needs to get started and there are accurate guidelines which you will not find anywhere else. It is written in simple language. This book is highly beneficial for novice investors as well as experienced investors. Dean Graziosi’s books are incredible, very simple and fully informative.

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