Dean Graziosi: Man Behind the Book

The definition of a successful person is one who shares his knowledge to help others achieve their dreams. Real Estate maven Dean Graziosi is a living example of this definition.

He wasn’t always successful or wealthy. Graziosi came from a poor family, raised by a single mom but is now one of the leading experts on making it big through real estate.

As a teen, Graziosi made his first real estate purchase—a rundown apartment building in his neighborhood—bought with no money down. The success he’s attained with this property and others propelled him to write his first book, Be a Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today. It is must reading for anyone interested in making money in real estate.

During the past twenty years, he has taken his wealth of knowledge and shared it with other real estate investors through classes, lectures, television shows and books.

In addition to the book, Be a Real Estate Millionaire, he has also written: Think a Little Different and Motor Millions.

Graziosi believes that if you have the desire to succeed and follow his suggestions, you too can become a success buying and selling property—enough to quit your job and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Though he lives in Phoenix, Arizona, he spends a lot of time traveling the country talking to others who desire to make it wealthy through the real estate market.

Learn from the pro and let Dean Graziosi’s knowledge help you achieve financial independence and become a real estate millionaire.


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