By Suzanna J. Von Hurst

My first deal was a physically distressed HUD property. When my team of contrators were finished, I was able to place it back on the market and flip it for a financial gain of $20,000!!!! The entire transaction from start to finish was only 3 months. Even better, I only spent about 19 hours total of my time. Last week, I closed on another HUD property.

This one also needed major fixing up! This time, I walked away from the closing table with $3,517.00! While it wasn’t as big a money maker as my first, certainly it is far from being “small potatoes.” I’ve already decided to spend my earnings on a well-deserved trip to Cozumel where I’ll do some scuba diving! Thank you again, Dean Graziosi, for your course and for helping me believe I can make big profits in real estate!

By Kathy Hart, Brevard, NC

Dean, I recently received your book, read it, have met with a realtor and a lender, set up an appt. with an atty., have referrals of home inspectors, contractors and a structural engineer. My team is forming, I am attending a courthouse foreclosure sale next week to get the feel of it and have been driving through neighborhoods within 10 miles of my home in N.C. Your book is such a wealth of knowledge and I thank you for sharing so much information to help others. Sharing and helping others is truly what life is all about; the rewards are reaped as a result. I am “OFF and RUNNING!” Looking forward to participating in your “Mentor” program and am so very impressed with those in that dept. whom I have already spoken with. Thank you, Dean.

By Cecil Burdan, Claremore, Oklahoma

Hi Dean, As of this moment I haven’t made any money yet but I am working really hard to finish the book “Be A Real Estate Millionaire”. I have finished your think a little different course. And I am in the process of getting a list compiled of foreclosure properties in my area. Thanks so much for your course, I have learned a lot about Real Estate from your books that I didn’t know. I do have some questions, but I want to finish the book and then ask the questions.

By George, CA

Hi Dean, I just started reading your book Be A Real Estate Millionaire and listening to your Fast-Start audio series emails. I am so motivated & ready to go. I can’t wait to finish your book so I can start making the kind of money that will change my life. Right now I am at a job that I have been with for over 11 years. When I first start and I moved up in the company quickly and was even training the new people. I was in charge of a whole team and things were looking really good. Then after about 4 years with the company someone I trained end up taking my position and I was moved down to a sales position. I think the main reason was because he graduated from College and my highest education was High School. Now he is the VP and a year ago he moved me down another level. Now I am back in a position when I first started with company. Mainly my fault do to I lost some of the drive when they move down and I had to work for someone I trained and didn’t really get a long with. But Dean reading your book has put new life into me and I so motivated to get my first deal and become a real estate investor so I can say good bye to my J.O.B I am also going to purchase your Think a Little Different Course this week so I can learn even more from you. Dean Thank you and my next testimonial I will be talking about how much I made on my first deal.

By Jerry W.,Tuscaloosa, AL

I think your course is great! Within two days I have found four houses in my area in forclosure. I have looked at one,studying the course to see what I do next.

PS – I think you’re a great person for trying to help people. May god bless you and your family.

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