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Dean Graziosi, a popular author on real estate, a great motivator and multi millionaire real estate investment expert has competently described the ways one can find money-making real estate properties. According to him anyone can make a fortune by investing in real estate. You do not need to pay $5000 to attend a seminar to do this. According to Mr. Graziosi the only requirement for making a fortune in real estate is straight forward – honest education and the willingness to take action.

In his 20 year career, Dean had met many people who were determined to be successful as real estate investors, but whenever asked about their progress, they would say they are just close to discovering the right place to invest. According to him some people consider real estate investing equivalent to buying stocks. What they are waiting for is just a right tip to get started.

Properties in Your Neighborhood

Dean Graziosi has successfully revealed verifiable strategies related to real estate investment. Dean suggests that people should start buying property in their own area, because an investor always has good knowledge about his or her own neighborhood, nearest market place shopping malls, schools and other planned developments. Another benefit of buying property in near by area is that it is easy to keep an eye out on the property. Moreover the real estate property gets the proper maintenance required from time to time.

Buying Property in Large Cities

Dean does not favor buying property in large Metropolitan areas, as they are too big to understand and costly to maintain and monitor. He says that tracking all changes in a large city can sometimes be difficult. Dean also suggests that one should become an expert in his own area. Becoming an expert in one’s neighborhood can give a person more knowledge than the so-called experts. Once you are an expert, you can keep an eye out for suitable properties in other areas.

Hot Markets Sometimes Cool Down

According to Mr. Graziosi, a hot market sometimes cools down, faster. Maybe, today the hot market is San Diego, tomorrow it can be Phoenix. One can chase a hot market throughout the country and may never get there on time. Chasing a hot market is always complicated and risky. Therefore, Dean always emphasizes his readers and students that making money in every real estate cycle is much better than chasing hot markets in other parts of the country. Once you have an understanding as to how to make money with real estate whether the market is hot or cold, you will be able to achieve great results in your own neighborhood.

Single Family Home – A Great Investment

For Dean, spending on a single family home is a better investment than any other real estate investment. He says this because single family homes are numerous in numbers and easy to sell. Also the risk involved with them is minimal. Dean informs that U.S. is currently facing a market that is down caused by loans provided by banks, within the last five years. A large number of homes are getting mortgaged, creating large avenues for people to buy and profit from the foreclosures. However this situation will not be seen again as banks will not be allowed to offer such kind of loans. Therefore, as per Dean, this is the time to fulfill the dream of having financial independence, by taking appropriate action.

Financial Freedom – The Result of Proper Guidance

There is no investment like real estate investment. It has changed Dean’s life, from a graduate student with no money to a multi-millionaire. And it has not only happened to him, but to many others who have dared to follow in his footsteps in real estate planning and investment. With proper guidance from Dean Graziosi, you too can achieve tremendous success in real estate.

The Book for Real Estate Investors

Dean Graziosi is a renowned author on real estate. He has authored a book Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today”. In this book, Dean has provided secrets with regards to working as a successful real estate investor. His sincere wish to help people fulfill their dream made him write this book. There is no hype in this book. It contains all methods and techniques which one needs to get started and there are accurate guidelines which you will not find anywhere else. It is written in straight, simple and clear language. This book is essential for novice investors and is worth every penny even for an old pro at real estate investing. I have personally achieved financial freedom thanks to Dean Graziosi. My family and I want to thank him for what he has done for us.

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