What Features Buyers Love but Sellers Don’t List


According to Dean Graziosi, many sellers go into the listing phase of selling their homes believing that they have listed all of the features that will help their home sell, but what they may believe to be an insignificant feature can make the difference between selling to the right party or seeing their home sit on the market longer than it should.  When you decide to your list your home it is not the time to be modest, what you may believe is an ordinary kitchen featuring state of the art appliances that may seem boring to buyers may be exactly the opposite.  If your home has features that may have become boring to you, you definitely should not hesitate to list them especially if they can help your home sell quickly, states Dean Graziosi.

You’ve heard it over and over location is important.  Maybe when you purchased your home the area wasn’t as developed as it is now, or there weren’t as many family friendly areas nearby.  Over the course of a few years it is common for neighborhoods to change and this can have an impact on selling your home.  If the area where you are currently living has become known as the desirable area of town, don’t hesitate to mention it in your listing.  What may seem unimportant or boring to you may be just what a potential buyer is looking for.  Be clear about where your home is located and what amenities are nearby when writing your listing.  The more information you can provide to a potential buyer may be enough to make all of the difference.

Views are also a feature that many sellers neglect to include in their listings.  This may be because they assume that buyers know the area or it may just slip their minds.  But if your home has a view of the ocean, mountains or anything that may be appealing to potential buyers you should not hesitate to list it.  Buyers enjoy something that makes a home different than all of the others they may have seen that day, and a view may just be the feature that will help your home sell.  Even if you have become tired of the same view after all of these years, a buyer may be interested, don’t forget to mention the view, says Mr. Graziosi.

Another thing that many sellers forget to mention is the energy efficiency of their home.  If you have made energy saving improvements to your home, include them in your listing information.  Many buyers are looking for homes that demand less energy and reduce their impact on natural resources.  Listing your home as a “green” home can open it up to an even wider market, take advantage of this feature and include it.

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