Get Creative with Real Estate Marketing Techniques

The real estate market across the entire country is ´topsy turvy.¨ In some areas the housing market is stabilizing. This is because the decline in home prices has cause a spur in home sales in some areas. But other areas remain in uncertainty and the downward trend continues. This has caused many real estate marketers to get more creative. There are some important techniques that some real estate agents have started to use as a way of increasing business, and which you as a real estate investor can use too. One of the greatest tools real estate agents and marketers have started to use, and which you as a real estate investor can use to market your property is the Internet.


¨The internet has become a ¨huge¨ tool, one that we all need to take advantage of,¨says Dean Graziosi. But many of us are not doing so, and that is usually because we don’t have the technological knowledge, and don’t believe that it is worth investing in.


Dean Graziosi believes that the internet can be a powerful marketing tool for anyone, and some real estate agents are picking up on it too. There is no reason why you as a real estate investor cannot use it to help you sell your property.  What we are talking about is the use of the email marketing campaign.


An effective real estate marketing tactic is the use of personalized email campaigns. These email campaigns can help a real estate agent, or a real estate investor forge a strong bond with a potential buyer.

Here are just a few ways you can use email marketing techniques to your advantage:


  1. When you send an email to a potential buyer always be polite and say hello. Too many people just jump right in to the business at hand and don’t even address the reader directly. Give your prospective buyer a personal greeting.
  2. Address any real concerns a prospective buyer may have. Don’t make it a mass mailing.
  3. Put together a list of prospects you have talked with before and send them a personal email once in a while
  4. Start a monthly newsletter if you want. It makes prospective clients become familiar with you.
  5. Run a sales campaign by notifying any prospective clients whose email you have of a sale.
  6. Ask for client referrals and by the same token you can ask for investment referrals.


Email marketing is great both on a large or small level. It is more cost effective and personal than any other way of marketing. You create a spiral effect through email because, even if the people you reach are not interested, they may know of someone who is.

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