Giving Home Buyers What They Want

When it comes to purchasing a home, every buyer is unique. Each will be looking for different features and have differing needs. So how do you break it down and figure out what each individual home buyer wants or needs? As Dean Graziosi points out, “This new generation of home buyer differs greatly from past generations.” The key is figuring out what features will be most useful to the masses which will then enable you to understand each buyer better.”

This generation of home buyers is younger than past generations. This is thought to be partly due to the many loan options available. This makes it easier for those whose income is considered to be moderate or low. Also, most households now have two incomes. This means there is more money coming in, and that may also be contributing to the affordability of homes.

Today’s younger generation is also more technologically savvy than their predecessors. This means they are searching for their new homes in a number of ways, utilizing computers, mobile technology, and whatever else may be available.

One feature many home buyers of today really want in a new home is a bonus room. Bonus rooms are quite versatile and can be turned into almost anything. Some home buyers choose to turn them into media rooms while others may create a multi-user office complete with computers and other relevant equipment that will allow working from home.

The home buyers of today are also looking for sleek appliances. Streamlined is now the way to go. Smooth surfaces and gleaming hardware.

Open floor plans have also become quite popular in more recent years. Even if the rooms aren’t particularly large, an open floor plan will often create the illusion they are. Add to that lots of windows, and you have a sunny, spacious interior.

Closet space has also become important to the home buyers of today. In a blog post, Dean Graziosi writes, “Today’s buyers prefer living spaces which feature walk-in closets.” Many people are turning to various ways of meeting their organizational needs, and large closets are the perfect choice for addressing them.

Big yards are also in great demand. This is especially true of individuals or families who have pets. A large yard gives pets a place to run and play. It also allows for the acquisition of playground equipment for the kids, the addition of an outbuilding, and the option of putting in a swimming pool.

Hardwood flooring has also become a very popular choice for many home buyers. It’s easy to clean and care for, and quite aesthetically pleasing. There are many different types when it comes to pools, which only serves to add to the appeal.

When it comes to buying a home, finding one that already includes the desired features is important. Since it’s a major investment, many home buyers may be willing and able to hold out until they find exactly what they want. You can learn more about what home buyers are looking for by visiting Dean Graziosi’s blog.

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