Are There Hidden Problems In Your Home

homeThere are quite a few repair and maintenance issues that homeowners generally tend to put off, either because they don’t have the time to see to them, or they don’t have the money necessary for the repairs.  But, some of these problems may become more severe if they are put off for a long period of time.  Dean Graziosi has listed some of the most common home repairs and maintenance that are often put off by homeowners.  To avoid any costly repairs later, it is highly recommended that you do not avoid the following issues.

The foundation is one of the most commonly overlooked problem areas.  We’re all aware that houses tend to settle over time, but not all foundation settling is the same.  It is common for us to ignore the common cracks in the brick and mortar on our homes.  But what many homeowners tend to forget is that these cracks may a sign of a more serious problem.  A large crack on the exterior of your home may signify that you may be experiencing a moving foundation.  When this problem is taken care of early it may only set you back a few thousand dollars; however, if it is caught too late it could range between $20,000 and $50,000 to repair.

The roof is another area that homeowners tend to neglect until there is a visible problem.  The most common time that we recognize that there may be a problem with our roof is when there is a substantial leak.  By the time this happens, the problem may be too far gone to repair yourself.  In the most severe cases, you may end up having to replace your entire roof which can cost between $8,000 and $10,000.  You can avoid these costly repairs by performing routine maintenance on your roof.  Experts recommend that you have a standard roof inspection every five years.

The next commonly overlooked problem area of the home is the septic system.  It is common for homeowners to overlook this area because they do not like to think about them.  The primary purpose of a septic tank is to break down the solids and liquefy them.  This liquid is then dispersed into the surrounding ground by lines.  But when your septic system fails, you will definitely not be able to ignore it.  To avoid any serious problems with your septic tank, it is recommended that you have it pumped every five years.

The next area that should not be ignored is your electrical system.  Older homes did not have the same safety requirements that are in place now.  This means that many electrical systems in older homes aren’t capable of handling the electrical demands of modern gadgets.  To avoid any electrical fires, experts recommend that you have your electrical system regularly inspected and if possible replaced with newer materials.

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