How to Deal Successfully with Real Estate Agents

Though it’s nice to be able to purchase real estate without dealing with a real estate agent, it’s not always practical. Dean Graziosi wants to provide you with some tips and suggestions to successfully work with real estate agents.

Because MLS (multiple listing services) is a tool used by real estate agents and they pretty much have cornered the market on this service, it’s often necessary to have a strategy when dealing with the agent.

Your initial offer on a property should be a serious one, especially if you are offering cash only. In addition to a strong offer, it is wise for the investor to offer a fast closing date. This will certainly get the real estate agent’s attention and show that you’re serious about buying the property.

If you are working on a creative offer, it’s best to give the offer in person to the seller with the agent present. Most agents tend to shy away from creative offers so they won’t be as enthusiastic in presenting it to their client as you would. So in order for the owner to hear all the positives of your creative offer, sell it to the owner in person.

Your offer should appeal to the real estate agent’s sense of greed. After all, the agent is in the real estate business to make money. They more they stand to collect, the more they will work to help you close the deal. It’s suggested that even if you have to pay out of pocket, it is worth it to be able to buy that investment property. Considering that you are probably going to rent it out, why not offer the agent a percentage to manage the property?

Finally, if an agent acts like a bully, you must be able to stand up to this bully and not let him/her get the best of you. Let’s face it, some agents are not the most ethical and you should not let them run interference and prevent you from purchasing a piece of real estate property that you want.

Dealing with the real estate agent is sometimes a necessary evil. Consider some of Dean Graziosi’s suggestions and you’ll have them eating out of your hand.

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