How To Get The Attention Of A Potential Landlord

If you’re like many people who have experienced foreclosure recently you may find yourself in a situation you didn’t expect.  You are now faced with having to a rental property until you can get back on your feet.  If you find yourself in this situation, and are forced with competing with others in the same situation as yourself for a rental property there are some things you can do to stand apart from other renters. 

The first thing you should realize is that potential landlords are basically concerned with three things; that you can pay your rent on time, that you will not destroy the property and that you do not cause a lot of problems.  If you have a previous rental history obtaining references from previous landlords can go a long way in influencing potential landlords.  But if you have not rented before don’t feel discouraged there are still some things you can do to help the landlord choose you.

The number one thing that potential landlords take into consideration is whether you can pay the rent regularly and on time.  This is why you should only look at places that are within your budget.  If a landlord sees that you are not trying to live beyond your means and that you have enough income to make the monthly rent, they are more likely to choose you over someone they feel may have trouble paying the rent on time.

Now that you have successfully proven that you can pay rent regularly and without difficulty the next hurdle you must overcome is a credit check.  It has become standard for landlords to run credit checks on all potential tenants.  If you have had some credit problems in the past, now is the time when they can come back to haunt you.  The best thing you can do is to be upfront and honest with any potential landlord as to your financial problems.  They may understand and decide that even with a low credit score you are still their best option when compared to other potential tenants.

In order to rent a home you are likely going to need a security deposit plus first and last month’s rent.  This can be huge financial burden if you are not prepared for it.  Before looking for a rental property you should first ensure that you have enough money saved to cover these expenses.  Landlords are more inclined to choose tenants who have the necessary funds available over someone who has to scramble to come up with the deposit.  Following these tips should go a long way in helping you convince a potential landlord that you are the best tenant for them.  

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