Selling your home is one of the most important decisions a homeowner can make.  And now that you’ve made that decision, you want to attract prospective buyers to your home.  There are some simple things you can do to enhance the areas that many buyers tend to focus on. 

First of all, you will want to focus on your front yard.  It is the first thing that buyers see when they arrive at your house, and first impressions are important.  Having a plush manicured lawn can automatically entice a buyer to choose your home over others.  Before you have showing scheduled you should take the time to mow your lawn and freshen up any mulch in the flower beds that doesn’t look as pretty as it used to.  These are small things, but it will show buyers that you took great care of the yard and that it mattered, it wasn’t just an afterthought.

You should also trim any low or overgrown shrubs that may bump into buyers as they assess your property.  This attention to detail goes a long way in improving the attractiveness of your home.  Check to make sure that there aren’t any hoses or yard tools lying on the ground, this makes the yard look unkempt and can be dangerous is a buyer should happen to trip or step on a rake.

The next area that you should focus on is the kitchen.  Buyers love kitchens and having a clean and tidy looking kitchen can go a long way in changing the mind of a buyer.  Prior to a showing, clear the counters and table of any debris that may have been left on them throughout the day.  Presenting clear and shiny surfaces are important to the buyer, this will allow them to see how the counters look and it will let any tile work that has been done stand out.  If you have pets and you keep their bowls in the kitchen, you may want to move them until the showing is over.  This way they will not be in the way and there is less chance of tripping or knocking them over. 

If you display your children’s art work on the refrigerator you may want to temporarily relocate it.  Having too much stuff on the refrigerator makes the kitchen look cluttered.  You should also inspect the fridge for any food that may be beyond its use date, this will reduce the chance of an unpleasant odor arising if a buyer should happen to open the fridge.

Next you will want to focus on the bathroom, next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the second most important room that buyers look at.  When preparing this room for showings you should make sure that there are no clothes or towels lying on the floor.  Having a clean and shiny bathroom floor can say a lot to prospective buyers.  Your shower doors or curtains should also be kept clean, no prospective buyer wants to be exposed to soap scum on their tour.  You will also want to clear the sink and counters of any cosmetics or hair styling tools, this presents a less cluttered space and makes the room look bigger.  The cleaner and nicer your bathroom looks, the better of an impression it will have on a buyer.

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