Keys to a Successful Open House


If you want to sell your home in today’s real estate market, there is one thing that absolutely must be a success, the open house.  An open house is a necessity for a multitude of reasons.  First of all, an open house showcases not just the home, but the neighborhood, job possibilities and local amenities.  Secondly, it will bring in potential buyers that are not working with a particular real estate agent.  Keep in mind that many buyers scan through the real estate section of their local newspapers looking for open house opportunities, so be sure to be one of them.  Lastly, open houses tend to turn lookers into buyers.  This usually happens the moment they realize they may have competition for a home they like.  This of course, is exactly what you want.


So, now that you know an open house is crucial, how do you make yours a success?  Here are some simple guidelines that may help you sell your home quicker than you imagined. 

  • While cleaning house seems obvious, you would be surprised how many people get it all wrong.  For an open house to be successful, cleaning house means spic and span.  This means remove the clutter, take down photos and personalized decorating.  It also means clean your closets and polish floors and fixtures throughout the home.  In other words, try to get your home as close to a model home as you can.  You don’t want it empty, but you do want it neutral and depersonalized.  Above all, if you are afraid you won’t get it right; pay to have someone do it for you. 
  • After you have cleaned, uncluttered the space and made it look neat and tidy, it is time to spruce it up.  Believe it or not, it doesn’t take a lot of money to make a huge difference.  For example, make sure you always put up a new, fresh shower curtain in your bathroom.  You should always put out fresh soaps, towels and make sure everything sparkles.  You should also set the table with matching place settings, candles and a nice centerpiece.  If it’s warm outside, let the sun and a gentle breeze blow throughout the home.  Buyers notice these little things when they walk through your home and it will make your home stand out from the rest. 
  • Although it may feel awkward to have people walk through your home if you are not there, it is even more awkward for a buyer to walk through and make opinions about the home with you standing around.  An open house should be a time that buyers can honestly express how they feel about a home, this will give you feedback and allow you to make changes should that be necessary.  You will only get the honest feedback you need if you are staying elsewhere during the event. 



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