Know Your Needs before Buying a Home

If you are ready to purchase your first home or your last home, knowing what your current needs as well as your long term needs will be should help you in deciding what type of home you should be looking at.

Decide if you are going to be purchasing the home to meet your current needs with the thought of selling and investing in a bigger home as your needs grow. You may be just starting out, you’re single, no children and you are looking for a home that you can call your very own.

This type of first time homebuyer normally seeks out a condominium or townhome that has association fees that they are more than happy to pay because they don’t want to spend time cutting the grass or shoveling the snow or making repairs to the exterior that are normally covered by an homeowners association. They want to be able to come home and just enjoy what they have. They want to be close to transportation, the night life and restaurants.

This same buyer may one day meet a significant other; they will then look to upgrade their home so that they can co-exist in a more spacious home. They will then look at a single family home with a back yard and neighbors that they can then get together and enjoy neighborhood cookouts with. They then take on the responsibility of caring for not only the interior of their home but the exterior as well.

If this same buyer then has children they may yet again need to upgrade to a larger home, something that they can grow into with their children. They will want a neighborhood with other children, close to schools, shopping and yard or park for their children to play outdoors.

If you want a quiet neighborhood, drive past that property at several different times of the day or night. Take note of things you are seeing, do you see families in their yards, how is the traffic pattern, are their children? Many factors will determine your decision to where you will be looking to purchase your home.

Do a little research on the homes you are looking at because you may find something you might not want in your neighborhood, like a dump site that will be creating a not so pleasant smell or an airport that has a direct flight plan directly over your home.

Depending upon what your needs are and planning what you are going to want and need in the future will definitely determine the type of home you purchase. It will also determine the community in which you want to purchase your home in, you might not want to raise a family in a small living space you will more than likely be looking at a larger home.

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