Link baiting with infomercials

Just because there have been some shady characters who make television infomercials for the purpose of lining their own pockets doesn’t mean that every company who makes an infomercial is a con artist. 


It isn’t the infomercial that creates the less-than-desirable product; it is the company who uses that kind of media as a means to rip people off.  It is like saying that all major distributors of toys are dealers of low quality products because of one company who displayed photographs and ads for sturdy, wooden toys that were in fact low-quality cardboard pieces.  It doesn’t mean all toys are going to be flimsy, pieces of crap or that all ads for toys on television infomercials are fraudulent.


The point is that sometimes you have to think a little differently.  The sign of a true genius is someone who can take the same old idea, put a slightly different spin on it and make it work in an entirely new way.  While there may be a lot of risky real estate deals out there, the steps Dean Grasiozi outlines uses to ensure you get a return on your investment means you need to think a little differently using some of the standard procedures for buying and selling property. 


Accessing to his thinking and his strategies means you need to think a little differently about the same ways people advertise both good products and bad products and forgive the good guys for the sins of the bad guys.  Not everyone is out to rip you off.  Read the book, watch his video-mercials on his own website and judge for yourself.  Allow yourself to think a little differently.

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