Living In a Staged Home

Staging your home is something that realtors and sellers tend to do to provide potential buyers with ideas on how the home can look.  Generally, only a few of the rooms of your home will be staged at one time, the tricky part can be continuing to live in your home after it has been staged.  The key to living in a staged home is to contain and hide your personal belongings so that they do not interfere with the staging. Here are some tips to make living in a staged home easier for you and your family.

If your kitchen is one of the rooms that you have had staged it is important that keep the countertops and sink area clean and free from clutter.  It’s acceptable to leave one or two smaller appliances on the counter but only if there is room and if they are in good condition.  You should also wash dishes or place them in the dishwasher as soon as possible.  If your kitchen features a pantry, special care should be taken to keep it neat and clean.  You should also try to limit the amount of rugs that you have on the kitchen floor having too many rugs on the floor may leave buyers with the impression that you are trying to hide problem areas.

Bathrooms are some of the most common rooms to have staged which can make it difficult on homeowners when they need to perform every day activities.  To minimize the amount of clutter in a staged bathroom it is suggested that you keep all of the items you use regularly in a bathroom tote.  Provide each family member with a tote that they can use to hold their toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair products and body washes.  You can then easily store the tote under the bathroom sink or neatly on a closet shelf. 

In your bedrooms most clutter tends to accumulate near or on the nightstands and closets.  To help reduce the appearance of clutter you may want to designate a drawer or shelf in the closet where all of your necessities can easily be hidden.  It is okay to have one or two books on the nightstands but not stacks.  You should also remove any personal items such as medications, glasses and journals.  Potential buyers tend to look at anything and everything.  Remember if you don’t want it seen, put it away.

Living in a staged home is not impossible, just a bit inconvenient.  But in the long run you are left with a home that always looks neat and is presentable at a moment’s notice for potential buyers to walk through.  Before you leave in the morning take a quick walk through your home to ensure that everything has been placed in their proper storage areas and that there is not clutter on any of the countertops. 

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