Now Is The Ideal Time To Improve Your Home’s Insulation

If the recent winter left you feeling a bit chilly, it may be time for you to make some improvements to your home’s insulation.  Not only will the proper amount of insulation help to keep you and your family warm, it will also cost you less to heat your home during the colder winter months.  Adding insulation to your home can help alleviate some of those high energy bills, while providing you and your family with a warm home.  Below are some helpful tips on how to improve your home’s insulation this spring.

·       Save Money – Recently more and more states, cities and even the federal government have started to offer incentives to homeowners who install energy efficient products and materials in their homes.  You can find out if your local government offers any incentives for upgrading your insulation by checking the U.S. Department of Energy’s website.  There you will find state specific information that will let you know if you are entitled to any rebates, tax credits or energy efficient savings.

·       Home Energy Audit – If you purchased an older home you may want to consider having a home energy audit performed.  This audit will point out any areas where you may have drafts and air leaks.  From the information gathered during this audit, you will be shown areas where you may wish to improve your current level of insulation or make repairs that will help your home become more energy efficient. 

·       Finding The Right Contractor – After you have evaluated your home, you are more than likely aware of some areas that may need some work.  If the work required is something that you are not comfortable performing, you may want to hire a contractor.  To locate a contractor who is familiar with making homes more energy efficient, you may want to consider using the Residential Energy Services Network.  In many cases, the contractor who performed your energy audit may also be experienced in how to make the necessary repairs to your home. 

·       Proper Installation – When installing additional insulation in your home it is important that you focus on the right areas.  These areas should include the attic, walls, basements and any additions that your home may include.  When insulating these areas you will have the option of choosing between different types of insulation.  These will be the standard blanket insulation that we are all familiar with, insulation that is blown-in, and spray foam insulation which will expand as it hardens.  Each of these insulations offer different amounts of protection, it is important that you choose the type that will provide you and your family with the highest degree of protection available.

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