Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset—Your Family: Fire Protection For Your Home

Even in a depressed economy, your home is still your most valuable possession. It pays to protect it. The most dangerous potential threat to your house is fire and picking the perfect fire alarm protection is crucial not only to the value of your home, but in order to protect your family—your most priceless possession.

Smoke alarms are the most commonly found fire prevention detector in most homes; the smoke detector senses smoke in the air, not actual flame. This is important, because the smoke from a smoldering fire can kill a home’s inhabitants long before the flames erupt to devour the building.

There are two types of smoke alarm:

Type 1: Photoelectric systems use infrared to see smoke in the air. They are excellent smoke detectors, but can be much more expensive than the other type of smoke detector.

Type 2: Ionization detects the particles in the air caused by a fire erupting. They are good because they can ‘feel’ a fire before there is smoke. They are a bad choice for kitchen alarms and the biggest downfall is that the leading killer—smoke from a fire, can go undetected for too long.

Regardless of the type you chose, make sure it is UL rated (tested by the Underwriter’s Laboratory) for efficiency. Make sure the units stay clean and batteries used to operate them are well charged. It is a good idea to replace your home smoke detectors at least every ten years.

If you really want to go for the gold and make sure you have excellent fire protection at any cost, you can purchase the ultimate in home fire detection: a hard-wired system operated through a home protection company.

Don’t choose the first one you find. Make calls and have representatives from any local home protection company come out and give you a complete appraisal of your home and the cost involved in protecting it. Home protection companies will cost a great deal more than the average smoke detector hung on a wall of each room. However, a first response system is worth the money to protect your family in an emergency, and often will include protection from break-ins as well.

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