Real estate listings – Internet Vs newspaper

When you are looking for your next real estate deal, you need to find a way to get real estate listings first, before any other investor does. The most common ways people get real estate listings are via the Internet and newspaper. If you are looking for a way to get deals quickly, the Internet is your best bet.


Even though the newspaper is still widely used, it is also very time consuming. You have to read through lots of listings to find properties that may be worthwhile to bid on. Then you have to contact the seller or broker to get all the information on the property. By the time you have done this, another investor (who found out about the property online) may have already put the property under contract. Now let’s look at how the Internet compares to the process of looking at newspapers for real estate listings.


Internet real estate listings are usually update more frequently than newspaper listings. If you are looking at a decent site, you get new listings daily or even weekly. The reason this happens is because the person running the website does not have to wait for a newspaper to get printed. It is a lot easier to update a website than it is to print out a whole new newspaper when you get a new listing. If you use the newspaper only, you may miss out on deals. Deals may appear online a full two or three days prior to a newspaper. This is just enough time to cause you to miss out on a property.


You can even save time when you use the Internet to find real estate. You can filter by state, zip code, type of property, and price. Therefore you don’t have to flip through pages and pages of properties that you aren’t interested in. There are some sites that will even allow you to track your progress with certain properties. Some sites even allow you to email the seller directly via the site. Some listings even have photos and video walk throughs of the property.


The Internet is a tool you absolutely must add to your arsenal of real estate investing tools. You can find out so much more about real estate investments when you use the Internet than you ever could just by looking at newspapers.  You can even join networks that put you directly in contact with motivated sellers and investor friendly lenders. That’s something else you can’t do with a newspaper. I am not saying that you should completely abandon the newspaper as a source of finding deals. There are some people that are afraid of technology and only use old fashioned methods to sell their properties. You certainly don’t want to miss out on those properties. Just keep an open mind about what YOU decide to use to find properties and you will not miss a deal because you were behind the times.

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