Reinventing Space Can Boost The Value of Your Home

homeThere are many ways to reinvent the space in your home. Did you know doing so may actually increase the value of your property? Dean Graziosi provides tips and information about ways to improve home value in his real estate blog.


If you’ve been in your home for quite some time, chances are you have thought of ways to improve it. Perhaps you’ve considered making a few changes along the way for your own comfort and convenience. The good news is these changes will carry over when it comes time to sell. So how can you reinvent space on your property?


Begin with the exterior. One great way would be to build a deck or screened-in porch. Both are very popular and will add an interesting feature to your home. Decks can provide the perfect place for grilling, entertaining friends, and relaxing outside on a warm day. A screened-in porch will keep you covered from the elements while allowing you to still enjoy the great outdoors. It, too, is a great entertainment option.


You could also consider converting your garage into a spare room or perhaps even small apartment. Many people also turn their attics into apartments for family members or to lease. If you aren’t using your garage for housing vehicles, you might consider such a renovation.


There are many options for reinventing space inside the house as well. A spare bedroom would make a great office, small den, or maybe even a media room. A finished basement could easily be turned into a game room or home theater. A small bedroom could be converted into a large walk-in closet. You could also knock out a wall and turn two rooms into one.


There are a number of ways to reinvent space. The layout of your home and size of each room will determine exactly what you will be able to do, but chances are you will be presented with many choices.


When choosing how to renovate or use space, consider the costs of the improvements you wish to make. Keep in mind you will not necessarily recoup the costs of every change made. Still, the ideas described above will still leave a lot to the imagination of the potential home buyers while adding some extremely sought-after features. An article posted on warns home owners against making renovations or completing projects that cost a lot and don’t really appeal to many potential buyers. An example given in this article is creating a very upscale kitchen in a home that is older and full of that quaint charm buyers expect to encounter in every room. Since the kitchen is often the center of activity in many homes, a fancy kitchen in a quaint, charming home could keep it from selling. That is why it is important to carefully consider a project before beginning it. You can learn more about home renovations and changes you can make by visiting Dean Graziosi’s website.

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