Revamping Your Rental Property Website

As an investor, you need to advertise the properties you have for rent. Even if you are utilizing the services of a realtor to handle the business end of things, your website can still serve as a great promotional tool.


Keep it updated. This is extremely important. A website that is not updated on a regular basis will wind up being the one that isn’t visited. This is true no matter how high up it appears in the search engine rankings. Constant activity shows visitors you are present and active. This will go a long way toward capturing and keeping their interest.


Include pictures of your properties. This gives visitors something to reference. Be sure to include photos of each room in each home and the square footage if you know that information. Often times people like to conduct a preliminary planning to figure out how they might arrange their new home should they rent it. It may also help them narrow down their choices even more. This will give them an opportunity to do that.


Include articles on your site. These should showcase your expertise as a real estate investor. If you have turned this into a business, chances are you know a lot about your particular market, market rates, and other details that will interest prospective renters. Adding articles is a great way to provide them with useful information while keeping them right there on your site.


Include a contact form. This will give visitors a quick way of contacting you. By choosing to add a form you can ask for valuable feedback. Add a field that inquires about how they found your site and give them an opportunity to leave additional website comments as well as a message should they choose to do so.


Make a video. Use this as a tool for introducing yourself to visitors. Be sure it tells them who you are and why they will want to rent properties from you. Use it to sell others on the idea of your business.


Advertise your investment properties. Add a page just for rentals. There, you will need to include information about each property you have available. Add contact information and the procedure you use for those who want to view properties so prospective renters will be able to get in touch and learn more.


Also add a page for current renters. Include a form for submitting a maintenance request, and if you are able, a means by which to pay the rent online. This is becoming more popular and will keep you up with the times.


Answer questions and provide feedback. You included a contact form for a reason. Visitors will probably have plenty of questions to throw your way, so take the time each week to carefully read and respond to them. The same care should be taken for responding to comments left on your site. This shows visitors you are interested and knowledgeable.

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