Selecting Flowers for Investment Properties

Curb appeal is exceedingly important to potential success at selling your home or investment property. There are a number of factors that can affect curb appeal, though most are very easy to fix. One of the greatest assets to your home’s curb appeal can also be one of its greatest detractors. Well-maintained flower beds add a unique beauty to your home that’s difficult to match, but empty or weed-ridden beds can give the entire property an unkempt and uncared-for look.

Bear in mind that many perennial flowers do not bloom the first year. However, if you have the time to wait for them, a mix of perennial flowers native to your area can be a top choice. These flowers are beautiful, hardy, and require very little fertilization or extra water. The native soil is very near ideal for these types of flowers.

If you don’t have the time to wait until the perennials are blooming, purchase annuals. These do not have to be very expensive or fancy, a bed of pansies that coordinates well with the house makes for excellent landscaping. Try to choose colors that go well with all the other flowers or foliage on the property, as well as the color of the house itself.

Regardless of the type of flower, there are some considerations that should always be kept in mind when planting for an investment property. Does the plant attract potentially undesirable insects such as mosquitoes or bumblebees? Is this a plant that is known to be toxic to house pets or small children? Are they flowers that may attract neighborhood cats that may destroy them? Flowers such as marigolds have the additional benefit of repelling many insects, limiting the number of pests that get into the house.

Don’t have much of a green thumb? If you’re selling your home during the warm months, your local greenhouse should have a nice selection of already-blooming flowers that may go well in your flower beds. Be sure to pay attention to the light and water requirements for these flowers, then just keep them weeded as you show off the house to potential buyers.

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