Sellers Add a Touch of Hominess to Their Open House

With the down turn in the real estate market, Dean Graziosi, a prominent real estate investor, has seen different trends arise within the real estate world. Real estate agents and investors just seem to be trying harder to attract those buyers out there.

A new trend that many real estate agents are trying is that of offering food, refreshments, or something interesting to get people to walk into an open house. Many real estate agents have never tried offering any type of refreshment before, but the need is out there to try to sell those homes and this makes them try just a little bit harder.

Other techniques being used include that of “the reverse auction” where the seller lowers the price after a certain period of time  and continues to lower it until the home has been sold on the real estate market.

Some sellers offer the furniture to go with the home, cars, and help with the financing or even offer cash bonuses. John F Buchanan was even noted for this sales technique when he offered private jet memberships worth $100,000 on homes he sold for full price, providing the homes were valued at over 1.2 million dollars.

Some sellers offer help with closing costs, special finishes, etc. These sellers are also trying harder to fix problems in homes.

But the added small touch of offering food at an opening, just creates a warmer atmosphere, and makes potential buyers want to stick around and talk a little longer.

If you are in the real estate business then these are some techniques you might want to look for. Its just adding a touch of hominess and making those potential buyers feel comfortable, and that is what sells! And when you are in the market for a great real estate investments, the use of these techniques will demonstrate the need of the seller to sell, which gives you the buyer a large advantage.

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