Selling a Home in Today’s RE Market

Selling a home in today’s market can be rough. It is definitely a buyer’s market right now. And as the market continues to fall, sellers will have an even harder time getting a good return on their investment.

There are some things you can do to make your house sell more quickly. The quicker you can sell your house the better off you will be. A house sitting on the market for a long period of time can lose you tens of thousands of dollars in mortgage payments, utilities, dropping the asking price repeatedly, and other costs. But there are some things that will make it go more smoothly. Doing these things could dramatically speed things up and limit your costs.

Preparing the House for Showing

Your house must look as appealing as possible. Your potential buyers must be able to see themselves living in the house. This means that you need to make it possible for them to see it with their furniture, their very belongings, in the home.

The best approach to take to this is to empty out your house as much as possible. Pack up all of your personal belongings such as pictures on the wall, books, and other items that are not necessary for daily life. The more you pack, the higher the chances will be that you will sell your house quickly. Clutter is your enemy. Once everything is packed up, you should move it out of the house so that it is not in the way, and the house looks welcoming.

You should not look like you are in the middle of a move. Everything should be completely neat and tidy. There should be no dust, no dirt, not anything that would make the house look uninviting. It should also be neatly decorated. You may want to repaint walls white so that the buyer can easily paint the house whatever color they wish. This can also help in getting the house sold quickly.

Being Prepared to Dicker

Remember that it is a buyer’s market. They are going to ask for the moon, and expect to get it at a cheap price. Know and understand that you are not going to get your asking price for your house, and take that into consideration when setting the price. This way you have room to come down on the price and make allowances for the buyer without really hurting your bottom line. The flip side of this is that if your asking price is too high, you won’t get any bites at all on the house. So choose the asking price carefully. An experienced realtor can help you determine what your house is worth and what the market will bear in these difficult times.

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