Suggestions for Investing in Foreclosures

The news is full of stories about how foreclosures are continuing to rise and how banks are eager to rid themselves of their foreclosed properties. Here are some areas that are worth looking into for good real estate investments from Dean Graziosi.

There are a number of areas throughout the United States where investors can find good foreclosure deals. Remember you don’t have to live in a particular city or state to find a good real estate investment.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida was ranked 10th in foreclosures for 2007. With the increase in construction that predated the real estate market crash, there are bargains to be found especially in newly built condominiums. The perfect buy for future retirement plans.

Seattle, Washington – Though not ranked as high as other cities in foreclosures, there are still some great real estate bargains in the Seattle area.

North Carolina – This state has a very affordable median home price which dropped approximately three percent last year. The average home is listed at $178,000.

Riverside/San Bernardino, California and Tampa/Clearwater, Florida – two areas where housing prices are continuing to drop. Both areas are great for retirement and also have a stable job market.

Cleveland, Ohio – This Midwestern city has seen a lot of foreclosure listings and could be a good place to buy that first investment real estate property.

Though these are just a few locales where the housing market is prime for investors, it pays to continue to read and watch the news for other areas where the housing market has changed to find a good real estate investment for your portfolio.

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