Ten Ways To Successfully Market Your Property

Where real estate is concerned, marketing is everything. You have a product you are trying to sell, and in this case, you are talking about a lot of money. Since you have already invested a lot of your own into it, you want to get it all back and then some. The key is knowing how and where to successfully market your property so you will achieve optimal results. Below are ten ways that will prove profitable.


Place signs in the yard. This is what people will see while driving or walking down the street. It’s what will let them know your property is for sale. This is effective because the sign is right in front of the product itself, the home. As people drive by and admire your property, they will see the sign in the yard and immediately recognize this particular home is on the market. Perhaps they’ll see the sign first and take a more thorough look at the property. Either way, the sign will grab their attention. Make sure the phone number on the sign is readable. There’s nothing worse than putting out information people can’t access. If that happens, they are likely to just keep driving by without giving it a second thought. Your sign should also include other pertinent information about your property.


Make sure all landscaping looks top notch. This is one of the first features a prospective buyer will see, so it is vital you keep it up. If you are unable to do so, hire someone who can. This will be a definite selling point.


Make sure the driveway is clean. Those viewing your property will prefer seeing a clean driveway that is easy to pull in and out of during the short visit while they are looking at the home. This will provide yet one more attractive feature to the property itself.


Make sure all house numbers are visible. If they need repair, be sure to do this before the property actually goes up for sale. The numbers need to be easy to see so no one will miss or mistaken them.


Make sure the inside is neat and clean. The first impression will mean everything to a prospective buyer and can make or break the decision. You want to create a positive vibe so take the time to pay attention to small details.


When taking pictures of the exterior and interior of the home, make sure they are clear and easy to see. Remember, the pictures are what some prospects will see first. You want them to sell the home, so this is an important detail.


If laws allow, place directional signs on main streets relatively near your property. This will advertise it around the entire area and make it easy to find.


List your property on the MLS. Be sure you specify whether it is for sale or lease and include pictures.


Run ads in your local newspaper specifying the home is for sale. This is a great way to reach a wide prospect base and will garner quite a bit of attention.


As prospects begin inquiring about your property, take notes. This will help you both now and in the future.


While these  ideas make a great starting place, be inventive when coming up with your own. Don’t be afraid to try new tactics and be open-minded about the results.

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