The Components of Listing Presentation for Real Estate

When you have a good listing presentation then you would be able to explain to different sellers the process on how you will help them sell their homes in a clear and concise manner. You will know if your presentation is one of the best if it focuses on letting the seller talk most of the time and then taking the time to answer all of their questions and asking questions at the same time. The secret behind this is for you to be well prepared by having a list of questions that you will be asking the sellers so that you will have an idea on how you will move the discussion forward. A seller would like to know how their home will be priced, how it will be prepared, and how it will be marketed. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the following components of listing presentation.

  • The selling potential of a house can be determined by how it is going to be priced. Even if you will be able to make suggestions on what the selling price should be, the seller still has the final say on the asking price. You can go ahead and set up a comparative market analysis to estimate the price but make sure to educate the sellers about the drawbacks and merits of a CMA analysis. Make sure to explain as well the comparison between getting top price for a house and selling it for just a quick turnaround sale.
  • The second part of your presentation should show how you will prepare the house that is going to be sold to the market. You might want to give them tips on how to get the house ready. Like address any obstacles, tips on how to get rid of clutters, and tips on how to make its more presentable. You don’t have to give them specific details yet, just give them a few ideas on what kind of work needs to be done so that their home will be ready for selling.
  • Lastly, you have to give your clients the idea on how you will market their house. You have to give them all the steps of your marketing strategy. This should outline things like advertising of their listing, then the make and look of your flyers and brochures, internet marketing, virtual tours, your list of email subscribers, your expected website traffic, and so on.

Through these components of listing presentations, you should be able to educate your prospects, manage their expectations and make sure that there is better client communications throughout the entire working relationship.

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