The Importance of Landscaping

Of all the things that a real estate investor can do in preparation for the sale of a property, landscaping is arguably one of the most important. There are a number of reasons attention should be paid to landscaping as it contributes to the look and overall health of the property. It is said that a potential buyer makes up their mind about a home within the first 30 seconds of seeing it, accentuating the importance of curb appeal.

Curb appeal is exactly what is sounds like, the overall appearance of a property from the curbside, or the first view a visitor to the property will have. Landscaping can add to curb appeal by bringing the scene to life with flowers and shrubs, by accentuating attractive points of the property, or by concealing potentially unattractive features such as faucets and outdoor power outlets. In addition, mature trees can offer protection for heat-sensitive plants in warmer areas as well as lend an area for spending peaceful time outdoors.

While curb appeal is the first factor people think about with landscaping, it is far from the only benefit. Not only are bare-dirt yards unsightly, they are also prone to erosion as there is nothing to hold the topsoil in place. Filling in with ground cover such as grass, carpet phlox, or other ground-hugging greenery will prevent this kind of destructive occurrence. Additionally, live plants help keep dust off of the house, protect the foundation from excess water, and attract earthworms and other creatures that help keep the soil healthy.

Hedges can offer low-cost barriers in lieu of a fence, additional privacy, or protection from the elements. Houses in some areas are constantly hammered by wind, rain, or dust. Hedges can help significantly cut down on how much of these get to a house. This prevents damage, promotes cleaner air, and cuts down on the amount of cleaning one has to do inside the house as less dust reaches it.

Quality landscaping takes a while to grow in, but there really are no down sides to well-done landscaping in preparation for a sale.

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