The Real Estate System that Gave Me My Life Back

Who would have ever thought I would ever become a millionaire a few years ago? Who would have thought I would become Internet savvy and even be twittering on a daily basis? I mean after all I was considered the ¨black sheep” of the family. I was the lazy hippy, the guy who had no ambitions and different ideas. I was the one that would never amount to anything because I always insisted on thinking a little differently. Boy where they wrong!


My family always raised their brow with every new idea I brought home. When I brought home the idea of meditation, they thought I was weird and so, when I told them I was going to start real estate investing with Dean Graziosi they thought I was out of my mind. 


I was always into different things, like I was one of the first to go online, to go on Facebook, and then twitter. For me it was just fun! But one day I was playing and chatting on twitter when I noticed a comment from someone on this great new effective real estate investing course called the Dean Graziosi method. I didn’t pay much attention to the comment, but as I continued to chat on twitter, I noticed that other users started recommending the Dean Graziosi method too. This made me start thinking differently, I mean if these guys where just average, every day people, commenting in this program, and people are making some sort of income here then it meant something was working. Now I´m all for making money and doing less, so I went to the Dean Graziosi site and started reading. The process didn’t seem hard. In fact, it was less work than any other job I had had. So, off on one of my whims again, I invested the money in the Dean Graziosi program. I figured I didn’t have much to lose and could learn a little.


The truth was I didn’t go into the program with that much enthusiasm, but as I started and got involved I got more excited and did exactly as the course instructed me to do. My family again thought I was off on another “dead beat dream scheme”. They weren’t very supportive, but three months later I showed up on my parents doorstep with a $30,000 profit and invited them all out to a sumptuous dinner. Of course, they still didn’t believe this was going to make me a millionaire, but three years later, and thanks to my following the system faithfully I am that millionaire and I am one of those people that twitters about the benefits of the Dean Graziosi method.  Today, my family looks up to me, hangs on every new idea I bring in. They are all practicing Yoga and standing on their heads now!

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