Tips for Choosing the Right Patio Surface Material for Your Home

Patios have long been known to enhance the beauty and warmth of a home, according to Dean Graziosi.  They allow you to enjoy the warm weather while spending time with your family and friends.  But choosing the right patio surface material can be somewhat confusing for many homeowners.  To help you choose the right surface material for your patio, I have put together some helpful information on the different types of surfaces available.


  • Brick – Brick is classic surface material that can easily complement contemporary and traditional styles.  Throughout the years, bricks maintain much of their rich, warm color that first drew you to them.  Because they are smaller in size, they are relatively easy to install and replace should the need ever arise.  When you choose bricks for your patio surface material, you have the option of having them laid in many different patterns; such as, basket weave, herringbone and many more.  Homeowners also have the option of choosing from a large variety of colors when installing brick pavers.  Bricks can have a dramatic impact on the look of your patio.
  • Flagstone – Flagstone patios offer homeowners a timeless appearance that can give their patios a unique look.  Red flagstone is the most common choice among homeowners, but it can also be found in buff and blue tones as well.  Because of the irregular sizes and shapes, the installation of flagstone may be difficult for some homeowners; if you are not sure of the appropriate installation techniques to use for your patio, you may want to consult a professional.  To help keep your flagstone from splitting or eroding, it is important that you ensure proper drainage can occur.  Because of the smooth texture of flagstone, it can pose a slipping risk, so select this option carefully.
  • Pavers – There are many different paver options available for homeowners to choose from.  You can choose a paver that is made from clay, concrete, stone or recycled plastics.  While pavers are manufactured, there are many designs that resemble natural stone.  With the use of spacers, it is relatively easy for any homeowner to install pavers, which makes them the ideal choice for many DIY projects.
  • Gravel – Choosing gravel for your patio surface material is a relatively inexpensive material to purchase.  Homeowners have the option of personalizing their choice by choosing from a wide array of colors and sizes.  Gravel is perhaps one of the easiest to install and is quite DIY friendly.  It is relatively easy for you to keep your gravel in place by simply installing landscaping edging.


No matter which type of patio surface material you choose, Dean Graziosi states that it is a great way to personalize your home.  When choosing patio surface material, it is important that you take into consideration the needs of your family and those who will be using the patio on a regular surface.

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