Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

homeWith home prices still relatively low and affordable, many people are considering becoming homeowners for the first time.  If you are among this group, there are some things that you should consider before you begin the process.  To help make this easier on you, Dean Graziosi has listed some helpful tips that will make purchasing your first home less stressful.

  • Don’t Rush – Purchasing a home is one of the largest purchases you will make during your lifetime.  Because of this, it is important that you take your time and not rush into any decisions until you feel you are ready.  When you rush into purchasing a home, you are likely going to end up settling for a home that does not have everything you want; which lead to you regretting your purchase.  If you don’t see the home that you want listed, simply be patient.  Homes are constantly being listed and inventory is always moving.  Being patient will ensure that you find the home that is perfect for you and your family.
  • Pre-Approval – This is by far one of the most important steps you will take during the home buying process.  As a buyer it is important to be pre-approved in order to be taken seriously by sellers.  It will also provide you with an idea as to how much home you can afford.  Once you have been pre-approved, you are then ready to enter the home buying process and have your offers seriously considered by sellers.
  • Perfection – As a home buyer it is important that you understand no home is perfect.  While there may be homes out there that may have almost everything you are looking for, you likely won’t find one that is perfect.  It is recommended that you sit down and make a list of everything that is important to you.  What you need, what you don’t want, location, and size; this will help you and your agent narrow down the available choices to find one that comes close to meeting all of your needs.
  • Inspections – This is one step that every buyer should not ignore.  Having an inspection performed on any home that you submit an offer on is extremely important.  Home inspections can bring problems and issues that you may not have noticed to light.  It is also recommended that when your inspection is being performed that you accompany the inspector.  This will allow you to see the problems yourself rather than simply reading about them on a report.  If the results show that there are too many problems, or situations that you simply do not wish to deal with, you can then withdraw your offer on the home, states Dean Graziosi.

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