Tips for a Great Looking Yard

Summer can be one of the most demanding and stressful seasons of the year for both you and your yard.  To help you enjoy more of your summer and not spend all of your time behind a mower or trying to get your plants to grow we are going to offer you some helpful tips to keep your yard looking great without spending hours out in the blazing hot sun.

  • Keep Your Grass Longer – If you’re trying to grow a healthier lawn garden experts recommend that you allow it grow a little longer.  A longer lawn tends to hold moisture better while also providing shade that doesn’t allow germinating weeds the chance to grow.  It is also recommended that when you mow your lawn that you do no cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade.  This is especially important during the hotter summer months.
  • Don’t Bag Your Lawn Trimmings – You’ve often seen many homeowners dumping their grass clippings into trash bags while they mow; but you can skip that step and feed your lawn at the same time.  Lawn clippings left on the lawn after you mow will decompose and provide your soil with valuable nutrients.  It will also require you to use less nitrous fertilizer because the lawn is getting the nutrients it needs from the lawn clippings.
  • Plant For Your Yard Conditions – How many times have you seen plants and flowers in magazines and tried to get them to grow in your yard?  The primary reason that many of the plants you chose aren’t doing as well as you’d like is because you may have planted them in the wrong area of your yard.  If your yard is shady most of the day you will need to choose plants and flowers designed to grown in the shade.  Choose your plants accordingly and you will be rewarded with a beautiful flower garden that you don’t need to keep replanting all summer long.
  • Use Less Water – It is possible for you to use less water while also having a beautiful lawn and flowers constantly in bloom.  You can make the most out of the water you use by using mulch in your flower beds.  Experts suggest placing 2-inches of mulch in your flower beds, but remember to give your plants room to breathe and keep the mulch approximately 2-inches from the base of the flowers.  You may also want to use drip hoses, they use less water than regular hoses and can be used to soak the roots of your plants.

Summer can be hard on you and your yard, but if you follow some of the steps listed above you will help keep your yard looking great without putting in so much hard work.  

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