Tips for Improving a Bad View

Everyone dreams of finding the perfect home with spectacular views out of every window.  In some cases that is possible, but for many of us we all have that one view that we could live without.  If you are among the many who keep their blinds closed in a particular area of your home to avoid having to look at something unappealing, we are going to offer you some helpful tips that you can use to help disguise that bad view.

  • Windows – If you are in the process of building or renovating your home it is important that you carefully consider where you are going to place your windows.  If you’re installing windows in your kitchen, but do not want to have a direct view into your neighbor’s home you might want to consider placing the windows higher than you normally would.  Not only will this prevent you from having to look into your neighbor’s home while you’re in your kitchen, it will also reduce the risk of anyone being able to see into your home as well.  This should also be considered when placing windows in the bedroom and bathrooms.
  • Window Treatments – If you have recently purchased a home with a less than stellar view, you will be amazed at how much the right set of window coverings can help.  For instance, you can use a set of sheers combined with drapes to help block out an unpleasant view.  You may also want to consider adding shutters which will help keep out the light while also disguising the view.  You may also want to consider installing frosted or stained glass which will minimize the view, yet allow some light to come in through the window.  When it comes to installing window treatments, don’t be afraid to experiment to find what works best for the style of your home.
  • Plants – If you are faced with a window that looks out on a view that is unpleasant, you can always disguise that view by using carefully placed plants.  Simply hand a few shelves in front of the window and place some plants that will do well in the light conditions.  As the plants grow, the view will be less noticeable.
  • Landscaping – If you have low windows that you are not fond of, you can always consult a landscape designer who can help you block out the view from that window.  Not only will a few well-placed shrubs or trees make your view somewhat better, they can also prevent others from looking into your home.  Inform your landscape designer of what you are trying to accomplish by planting shrubs or trees and they will be able to offer you some options that will grow in the manner that will provide you with the most protection.

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