Top 10 Tips for New Real Estate Investors

There will be countless forms, people, and problems to confront and deal with for every real estate investor. For the beginner, these problems and concerns may become overwhelming to the point that it destroys the incentive to continue in the real estate industry. To avoid this disaster, here is 10 tips for the new real estate investor.


1. Get informed, learn the lingo. Do you know the difference between a foreclosure and a short sale? If you don’t, it’s okay, don’t flustered. There are many websites, including unofficial sites like wikipedia, that can give you the definitions of such terms. Specifically, a real estate education website, has a list of need to know glossary terms for all real estate investors.


2.Visit book stores. There are few subjects in this country that have the availability that real estate books do. You can learn a lot simply by taking a few hours of your day to dive into the world of investigative learning, the old fashioned way.


3.Learn how to identify risk. No matter what anyone says, or how they sugar coat it, investing always carries risk. Learning what most would call the essentials, would include never investing money you can’t afford to lose. The best plan it is to understand your financial limits now, so no rude awakenings occur later.


4. Endurance, and concentration, that is key. Long term real estate investing can be compared to a triathlon. Several events must take place for a successful sale to be finalized, and a sale is not finalized until the cash is in your pocket. Keep the goal insight, concentrate on the now, and the later. What happens next is just as important as what’s happening now.


5. Go to a seminar, online or not. A serious investor will find all the information he or she can before settling on a decision. A popular seminar for beginners, and the experienced alike, can be found at


6. Use the National Realtors Association for useful charts and tables that can tell you what the best markets in the country are from quarter to quarter. This information is a little used secret, but it can be extremely useful for markets in metropolitan areas.


7. Discover, follow and maintain a well known system. There are many systems available for real estate starters. Some reliable systems for your quick reference can be found at,, just click the products link and you’ll be on your way.


8. Partners are the path to fortunes. Buying real estate properties worth millions isn’t something everyday investors can afford to do. By grouping together other real estate investors, the pulling power you may need to take you performance and income levels to the next stage could become available.


9.  Have patience. Commercial real estate deals, in general, take longer to complete than sales on private homes. Don’t get frustrated at your self, or others. Push without shoving, and learn the difference. Some properties take longer to purchase, renovate and sell, that is just the nature of real estate. If you become impatient, you may rush into a decision. One bad decision in real estate, when considering the sizable amounts of cash that is exchanged, may be the writing  in the sand that spells out the end of your business.


10. Inspect the property personally. When starting out in the real estate field never send a third party to inspect the property in question. Getting a reputation for providing work to the local professionals and maintaining a good relationship can be key to getting a thorough initial inspection. be present at the inspection with the hired professional so that nothing is forgotten or missed by an extra pair of eyes.


Use these top 10 real estate tips to get the basic know how and knowledge required to succeed down the career path you’ve chosen.


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