Top 5 Tips to Finding a Great Real Estate Agent

Finding a real estate agent can be very easy in today’s level of advertising availability and internet usage. Be alert when searching for an agent, you don’t want any real estate agent, you want one that’s in the business for you as much as he or she is for themselves. Real estate agents can make the buying and selling of a property as smooth as the state legislature allows. The best real estate agents working today don’t have to come from the big name companies. At the end of this article there will be a small list of very successful and impressive individual mentors available to start you out in the right direction. 


1. Be sure your “realtor” is an actual realtor registered and certified by the National Association of Realtors. Only realtors qualified by the NAR can bare their logo. They adhere to a code of ethics that cover 17 different articles and standards of realty practice. Surprisingly, less than half of the realtors in business today have bothered to become an official Realtor. Get more info about realtors at,


2. Ask the agent you’re investigating for referrals. Most realtors of any size or income stay in business by using multiple sources of advertising. One of the most important is mouth to mouth referrals. Ask for direct referrals from past customers, or to have the agent put you in touch with some of his former clients. This may seem like bad form to some, but when spending the type of money needed to invest in real estate, or even buy a median priced home, every attempt to be 100% sure of your decision is never a waste of time.


3. Go to open houses, even the some of homes you’re not interested in. This will give the you the opportunity to explore new choices. It is up to you to decide which are the best options and which are the worst, refer to the end of number 2, on the list.


4. Go to an agent who does not specialize in the type of real estate you want. It sounds like a trick, but most agents will happily refer youl to a quality agent who does specialize in the type you’re looking for.


5. Check the selected agent on the web. Doing a background check about the agent using their own website can be very effective at sorting out the bad apples. Look at their listings, were they sold long ago, or are they kept recent. If the website is in disarray, then chances are the agent is as well.


Using these tips and a little common sense, anyone looking to buy real estate can make an informed decision on who they should choose for an agent.


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