What Type of Floor Works Best in The Kitchen

floorWhen selling your home, there may be repairs you need to make prior to actually putting it on the market. Replacing your kitchen floor may be one of those much-needed repairs. When it comes to this task, you will be presented with several different options. As Dean Graziosi points out in a real estate blog post, the kitchen floor is one of the most abused surfaces you will find in your home so it is important to choose a floor that will help sustain some of the damage.

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular choices for kitchen floors. It’s beautiful and typically affordable. While it isn’t the least expensive option, it certainly isn’t the most. It’s also very durable. It can, however, be a bit more difficult to clean, especially when it comes to removing particles and dust from between the tiles. Still, it remains a great choice for the kitchen floor.

Linoleum is another very popular choice for kitchen flooring. It is less expensive than tile, but may not be as aesthetically appealing. It is easy to clean and is relatively durable, though it may be prone to dents and dings along the way. There are several different types of linoleum and they come in varying shapes and patterns.

Hardwoods can also be used in the kitchen. This type of flooring can be quite expensive, but is quite popular. It is easy to keep clean and must be treated regularly to ensure it remains glossy and smooth. Though it is durable, it may be prone to scratches. When water is allowed to stand for long periods of time, it can buckle.

Laminate is another floor type often used. This will look like hardwood flooring and will be made of some wood, but is not solid like hardwoods. It’s also less expensive but is still very beautiful.

When choosing which kitchen floor you will put in your home, first consider the cost. If you are working on a budget, you may be relegated to only selecting certain flooring types. The size of your kitchen will also make a difference since larger spaces will require more flooring. This may be especially relevant if your home is equipped with an eat-in kitchen or if the dining room is located just off the kitchen and you will replace the floor in that room as well.

Once you have nailed down a budget to work from, you can then begin searching for the flooring types that fall within it. Look at flooring samples to see what you prefer. Take them home to find out how they will actually work with your kitchen and entire home decor as a whole.

The specific floor you choose can make a big difference. As noted in an article posted on sfgate.com, the right floor can actually add value to your home. You can learn more about flooring types and other relevant real estate topics by visiting Dean Graziosi’s blog.

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